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Nil Order Revealed!


Today I decided to unveil the personal project that I worked on about a year ago: Nil Order.
It is a procedurally generated Open World heavily inspired by The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The WildCédric, Robin and I worked on it for a few months and are now presenting the result! Unfortunately, no build is available yet. But I will keep you informed if that changes.

To me this project was a way to try to reproduce the impressive voxel smoothing technology used in Everquest Landmark. This project was also a way to look into the multi-threading and the procedurally generated geometry capacities of Unity.

You can check out how we did it on the project’s page right here.


Nil Order Screenshots

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Mini Trafic – Public Release

Hello everyone!

I am proud to announce that our most awaited game ‘Mini Trafic‘ is finally available to the public!
In the case that you don’t know what I’m talking about. Mini Trafic is a management game and a serious game. Where the player controls the traffic lights of a city and has to parameter/tweak them in order to keep the drivers happy. The game is entirely in French by the way.

If you want more infos about the game or if you are looking for something with pictures to read. You can check out this page where I describe how we made the magic of Mini Trafic.


So, after months of hard bagels and delicious development, the EnigmaVR team is proud to show the official trailer of the game (in French):



You can download the game for Windows, Mac OS and Android on IndieDB.


If you want more infos about the game you can check out this page.

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Site launching!

[Actually no, it’s just a testing post, the site is not really ready yet]

Here we go, the website is now live!

If you don’t know who I am you can find out right here 🙂

If you’re interested in what I do, go check this page out.

The last game I did is EngimaVR and has a page of its own over there.

Enjoy and comment if want to!

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