Personal Games and Projects

On this page you will find the games and projects that I make on my free time.

Three Brothers

Global Game Jam 2019

Three Brothers

Good Boy

Global Game Jam 2018

Good Boy Logo

Monkey Club

GameHouse Jam 2017

Monkey Club

Nil Order

Personal Unity Project (2017)

Nil Order Logo

Mini Trafic

Serious Game (2016)

Mini Trafic Logo


Student Project (2016)

Dead Poule

Global Game Jam 2016

Builderland 2: Origins

Retro Game Jam 2015 (1st place winner)

WebGL Random City Generator

Personal WebGL Project (2014)



Personal C++ Game Engine Project (2012)

My very old (french) mapper blog

Custom maps made for Counter Strike Source (2008)