Dead Poule was made during the Global Game Jam 2016 in 48 hours (23 and 24 of January). The jam theme was “ritual”.

The game is a shoot them up where you play as a dead chicken in the realm of the sacrificed chickens. It starts with a short cinematic where you see yourself being killed by a wizard above some kind of magic circle. Then, you wake up in the realm of sacrificed chickens on a magic circle. You now have to fight your way back to reality to achieve your vengeance on the wizard.



The game takes place in an open map where you have to fight other dead chickens to survive. There are five giant bosses around the map with different patterns. Once defeated, each boss will give you an upgrade to become a strong independent chicken. This allows players to create strategies on which upgrade to get first and find out the best order to defeat the bosses.

Also, the map is constantly filled with little monsters that will try to kill you. As they are endless, your goal is to keep moving to defeat the bosses. It should take between 3 to 6 tries to a “regular” gamer to finish the game. As for each try, the player will improve their strategy to fight the right bosses at the right times.




The Team

We were a team of 7 people, 4 developers, 2 graphical artists and 1 sound artist (photo below). I was in charge of integrating all the assets in the game (sprites, audio, animations). I did some graphical assets too, like the logo, the title screen and the end credits. Also, I did the spawning and managing code of the “regular” monsters. And an algorithm to optimise the memory used by the level.

Dead Poule Team

Standing and from left to right the developers: Maxime Demaille, Alexandre Lecomte, David Lonni and me.
Sat down from left to right the graphical artists: Laura Trouche and Aurore Gal.
Our sound artist who was not really participating in the jam but helped us from his home: Cédric Tardella.



The game is available on IndieDB.



Pierre Planeau

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