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Good Boy was made during the Global Game Jam 2018 in 48 hours. The jam theme was ‘Transmission’.

Good Boy is a 4 players, split-screen, asymmetric, party game with cute dogs. We interpreted the jam theme by making a game where information has to be transmitted between players in order to progress.

The game is about two teams composed of one ‘dog’ and one ‘master’ competing in a race to the end of the level. The asymmetric part comes here: the masters can see the screen, thus have visual information about the game, while the dogs have the controllers but can’t see the screen.


So the masters can see what’s happening and transmit it to their dog. The dogs can move the character on the screen, but without seeing what’s happening. Communication is key.

As the dogs and masters talk to each other, they create noise. Thus disturbing the communication of the other team.

At a given point in the level, the camera switches from a side-scrolling view, to a top-down view. This completely changes the way the character has to move and the directions that the master has to give to his dog. This is illustrated below:

Another thing that we did is that at some point in the level there is a bridge covered by clouds. The bridge is filled with holes, but the master cannot see them because of the clouds. At that point, the dog can feel vibrations in its controller the closer it gets to a hole. So the information is now in the hands of the dog, instead of being in the eyes of the master. Thus creating a discussion where the dog must communicate when they feel vibration and the master giving instructions accordingly.

Cloud Bridge

The team was composed of Lois Mtel (Programmer), Lory Oliveira (3D Artist), Benoit Dugay (3D Artist), Cloé Molinari (3D Artist) and me (Programmer).

Gameplay Session

This project was really fun to make and we really enjoyed watching others play it at the different events we attended. Here is a video of people playing the game in Lyon, France:


Play Good Boy

The game was made with Unity. It is completely free and available on IndieDB.


In-Game Screenshots

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