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Monkey Club is a game made in 48 hours during the GameHouse Jam 2017 in Eindhoven. We were a team of two: Andréas Bonnardel (Game Designer) and I (Pierre Planeau, Programmer). The jam theme was ‘secret’, so that made us think about creating a 2 players fighting game!

Monkey Club is a 1 vs 1 “fighting” game where you have to find the other player’s secretly hidden banana while protecting yours. It goes like this: Player 1 has to hide his banana in a box while Player 2 is not looking at the screen. Then, Player 2 hides his banana while Player 1 is not looking.

Now that the bananas are hidden, each player has to find the other player’s banana. The first player who finds (and collects!) the other player’s banana wins. The trick is that to reveal the content of a box, one has to destroy it. And the only way to destroy a box is to throw a player on it.

The throwing mechanic is simple. Every time the two monkeys are too close to each other they are both thrown in opposite directions (as illustrated in the video bellow). The consequence of this mechanic is that whenever a player wants to throw the other player’s monkey, they have to think about where both monkeys will land. Since each player knows in which box they hid their own banana, they must stay away from that box in order to keep it secret. But always avoiding the same box might reveal to the other player that it is important! It’s all part of the mind game.


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The game was made with Unity. It is completely free and available on IndieDB.


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