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Three Brothers was made during the Global Game Jam 2019 in 48 hours. The jam theme was ‘What home means to you’.

The game is about three brothers left alone at home while their parents go outside. The parents told them they cannot leave their rooms, but that will not stop the children from making a mess and having fun.

This is a 3 players party game, where each player controls one of the child. Your goal, as a child, is to keep your room as intact as possible while destroying your brothers rooms. The players throw to each other a bouncing ball. Whenever the ball collides with an object it is torn to pieces.

The ball bounces off the walls and gains speed each time it is touched by a player. Until it inevitably rushes through a player’s room, destroying it on its path.

We were a team of 3 during this jam, hence the choice of doing a 3 players game. Jérémy Boudouda (Game Designer), Nolan Esser (3D Artist) and I (Programmer). Samuel had the courtesy of making us an awesome music and Amandine helped us with the 3D assets. Over all, making a party game is always a lot of fun in a game jam ^^

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The game was made with Unity. It is completely free and available on IndieDB.


In-Game Screenshots

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