Pierre Planeau


My name is Pierre Planeau, I live in the south of France (Montpellier) and I make games. 🙂
I mainly use C++, Unity and Unreal Engine 4 to create my games.

Ever since I am a kid I’ve liked creating stuff. Using Lego or Kapla, I was creating cities, scenarios, universes. Back then I was not much into gaming, but more into making. It’s when I entered middle school that I discovered PC gaming. Sure I already knew how to use the house PC better than my whole family united. And was playing some classic games like Age Of Empire or Sim City. But that’s from middle school that I started playing games like Warcraft III, Counter Strike, etc. Then I started to explore the gaming industry. I was amazed by all these universes, stories, and the fun I was having playing them. Games would not only become my hobby, but my job I said to myself.

Since then, I’ve been working to make this dream true. I started learning code, mapping and level design (Source Engine) during high school. Then started my studies in a two-year degree in Computer Science. Around that time the Indie Games were starting to become popular. Playing all these unique games, I knew that was what I would do. Not only would I make games, but I would make unique ones. I also had an amazing C++ teacher. He made me love coding. So much that I did this little project on my free time during the first year of the degree.

I kept studying in order to become best prepared for the world of work. As of today, I am doing a master’s degree in Computer Science at the Montpellier University. The master is called Images Games and Intelligent Agents. Since I joined this degree I have been practicing making games. You can check what I am doing on this page. I now feel confident that my dream is within range. It even has a name: Gameplay Programmer in the video game industry. Today I use Unity and Unreal Engine in order to faster prototype my ideas. But C++ will always be my favorite way of creating.

If you want more information about my curriculum, you can find my resume here.
I also have a LinkedIn profile which details more my studies.

You can also find me on Twitter @PPlaneau, on Facebook and Google+.